The Kubler-Ross model of sportswriting.

Like most Memphians, I basked in the glory of media reports of the  beat down that our beloved Griz laid on the rapidly aging San Antonio Spurs. I absorbed more than my share of write-ups, blog posts and tweets about the game. Some where stunningly beautiful and full of talent and sweat yet others were utter shit.

From Clay Bailey’s spartan AP write up to Bethlehem Shoals artful GQ piece, I read it all. I read 3 Shades of Blue and I read Memphisport. I read the Ball Don’t Lie and I read the Basketball Jones. I read ESPN. I read Fox. It has been blog post bukkake (DO NOT GOOGLE, DAD) In the end,  that orgy of round ball writing left me with a sour taste.

I have now experienced the Kubler-Ross model. As first, I couldn’t believe it. Every word no matter how poorly drafted was amazing. I was like a man woken from deep sleep, struggling to be sure it was all real.

Then the glittery scales fell from my eyes and I began to see the truth. I became angry. “Why does this writing have to be so bad? Why are these websites so goddamn bad?” Then I began to bargin. “Maybe its not thet they’re so bad, maybe you’re just being overly critical because you’re so emotionally involved with the subject. You have no objectivity.” Then I was just sad. As I read yet another joyless piece about how awesome the Grizzlies are, I just lost faith. Finally I just accepted it. People who love to write also often suck at it.

I may, in fact, count myself among their number.


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