Distractions, Commitments and making the Clackity-Noise

I’m working on final projects doing some freelance work, working at the shop and have still recorded and posted two episodes of the podcast. So forgive me if this dear ol’ media blog has remained dusty. In truth I don’t have much to say about the state of media (except, OMGOMGOMG GRIZZLIES). I do have something to say about the creative process, so try to bear with me.

Trying to make things is hard. Making stuff requires a focus and commitment that is terrifying. You put yourself out there. You openly courting comparisons both sensible and butt crazy. In the first episode of the podcast, Lindsey and I discussed our thin-skinned natures sharing the crap we make. In the second, Brent and I talked about the ego maniacal power of rock stars. When you talk to creative people, self awareness just seems to come up at some point.

Every time I write something, I question it. Its simply part of the process. As I write this sentance, I’m asking myself if this post has any merit. Should I even be writing this at all? The awesome DJ blogger/vlogger J Smooth called this “the Little Hater

So why the hell did I start podcasting? Why would I take up something that I have no background in, little training for and that hundreds maybe thousands of people do better? I have no clue. It seemed like the right idea at the time and I thought it would be a fun idea. In just two episodes, I’ve learned a ton.

I need to listen more and talk less. I always knew I was a blabber mouth, I just didn’t know I was obnoxious. I interrupt people. Jerks do that. i don’t know squat about a bunch of things that would really make the podcast a more polished and interesting project. But I don’t, so I learn and I’ll try harder.

Internet person Merlin Mann (who I really agree with and enjoy 98% of the time) said that his job is not to be inspired. His job is to make the “clackity-noise.” That being the sound of the pounding of a keyboard. The only way to actually make something is to DO-IT. So I’m trying and I hope that some of you try to see through the rough edges, interruptions and poorly thought out interviews and posts. I’ll try as hard as I can to keep the gentle rocking of the clackity-noise going.


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