The Last Next Big Thing

Just as MySpace has turned from a glistening palace of Rupert Murdoch soaked cash to the Detroit of the internet complete with dead end roads and bombed-out storefronts, so too has the social news website Digg. Digg was the next big thing a few years ago. Cofounder Kevin Rose was a millionaire on the cover of Business Week and competitors like Newsvine and Reddit attempted to steal its thunder. Those services still live on as does Digg, but the days when Google or Yahoo would offer billions for Digg are done.

According to Techcrunch, Kevin Rose doesn’t even use his Digg account anymore.

This is the reality of predicting the next big thing. I hammer on it again and again but the truth is, most of these things are transient. The real disruptive changes are larger and require more scope. The iPod didn’t change music in 6 months. It proved itself over years. Even overnight success is based in long hours and luck. Content rather than delivery, remains king.


UPDATE: BOOM he resigns


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