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In case you weren’t aware, my day job is in electronics retail. I sell a lot of HDTVs. This year, the electronics industry was jonesin’ for a new feature to encourage all of those early flat panel TV adopters to return and upgrade their sets.

The TV market experienced a profound boom in the early half of the last decades as scores of customers ditched their classic CRT based boob tube in favor of sleek flat plasma and LCD TVs. It was a good time. Profit margins were high, customers were motivated and shops were full.

Like all good things, it ended.

3D was supposed to resurrect the fire for newer better and sharper. With a slim margin of customers, it has. But the backlash against this particular technological achievement is coming on from CES with full force.

It shouldn’t be a surprise. The idea that legions of customers were going to spend extra money to wear plastic glasses in their living room (convenient!) seems silly at the outset.

This is a technological achievement that seems totally hollow. While moving from analog to digital had advantages for the customer (more and clearer channels) moving from 3D has limited benefit.

3D may very well take off, but the 1950s-esque idea of families sitting around the living room with plastic glasses strapped to their heads is just a non starter for all but the geekiest of consumers.

Now go watch TV.


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