the hardened masses

After writing my totally out of character praise for the Insane Clown Posse this week, the horrific Shirley Sherrod reverse racism story broke. Somehow, in the bent corners of my fevered brain, I connected the flareup and the media outlets involved to my “ICP is the future of the music industry” concept.
Jesus I hope you bear with me here.
As stated yesterday, ICP doesn’t give a damn about mainstream success. They have reformed success to fit their mold. Independence and the ability to interact and sell direct to their audience have changed their relationship to the music industry and their own fans.
Conservative and liberal media outlets also don’t give much of a damn about mainstream play. Sure, there’s a lot of lip service from the left and the right about how the mainstream media (whatever the hell THAT is) just doesn’t get it and is in the pocket of the other side. The left insisting that the non-biased media outlets get snookered and bullied by right wing media outlets (Shirley Sherrod) and right wing media insisting the journalism has long been the playground of pointy headed liberal elitists (see JournoList). Both probably have a point.
In reality, they don’t care what happens in the mainstream. Any fact-checking or criticism only hardens their audience. Tell people what they want to hear, regardless of fact, and they’ll stay with you forever. Witness Andrew Breitbart’s twitter feed while his Shirley Sherrod story fell apart:

So why provide unbiased coverage at all? It should be provided for the same reason that ICP’s popularity shouldn’t deter bands like The Hold Steady or Okkervil River from trying to succeed.
Because its the right thing to do. That’s what makes it hard, and what makes it great.

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