I am a Mac nerd. Its important to get that out of the way first. I don’t own any Windows based PCs and unless a future employer demands that I have one, I most likely won’t. I am a Apple devotee, and I have been happy.

I was considering buying a Kindle all winter. The “Jesus Pad” media coverage stopped me dead in my tracks. I postponed my purchase of a Kindle (and no, I didn’t seriously consider the Nook or one of Sony’s e-readers) until I could see what was up with the iPad.

So it has been a few weeks, we have all had time to digest the concept and the design. So obviously, I bought a Kindle.

Now fellow traveler, I’ll explain why.

First, I want to READ. I’m aware that this seems silly. I mean, why couldn’t I just read on the iPad? There are several reasons. The first is technological. Amazon and the other devices specifically built for books us electronic ink screens. They are not backlit and thus the screen won’t strain your eyes after reading for an hour or two.

Second, the iPad isn’t a book reader anymore than my laptop is. I hate long form reading on my laptop. Its why I still get physical copies of magazines and newspapers.  I like reading quick hit news online, not 1000+ word stories.

Third, as someone who lived though the eighties and nineties, I have a poor attention span. The last thing I need when trying to read is to have twitter, gmail and RSS feeds all pinging away at me while I try to focus on a great story.

The Kindle does one thing, and it does it well. There’s something to be said for that.


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