Bullshit columns and disengagement

Sigh…Geoff Calkins wrote a non-sports column today, and man does it suck. He lovingly conflates the very tragic stabbing of a brave Memphis Police officer and the city rule that requires police officers to live within the Memphis city limits. These two items have nothing to do with each other, and even if they did Geoff doesn’t bother to explain it anyway. Let’s enjoy a quote:

Like the requirement that new officers live in Memphis. What a dumb idea.

“If we want the very best police, why wouldn’t we want to draw from the biggest pool?’ Madalyn said. ‘Don’t we want the best people we can possibly get?”

Certainly not, what we really want is crappy police officers. Jesus Christ on a cracker, what a train wreck. If Geoff wants to write a column about the bravery of a police officer, he should do it. If he wants to write about how ‘dumb’ the idea of having local police officers, who pay local taxes and live in the neighborhoods that they police, he should do that. Instead, we get a Frankenstein column cobbled together and stitched up to resemble something that makes sense.

There’s no need to go into why having local police officers isn’t a dumb idea because the very first commenter actually does a pretty sound job of explaining.

“However, the city residency requirement for police officers has nothing to do with whether this officer would have or would not have been assaulted and injured. There are plenty of excellent police officers candidates from all over the country who can be recruited to apply to become a Memphis police officer and move within the city within 12 months. Officers living in the city which pays their wages can help to make the city a better place to live for everyone.

Police officers living within the city have a personal interest and perhaps a financial interest in making the city a better place to live and visit.

Being a law enforcement officer anywhere is a dangerous job, where you live versus where you work has no bearing on how dangerous the job is.

City residency requirement should mandatory for all city employees. If you don’t like living in the city, then don’t apply for a position in the city and certainly don’t accept employment in the city.”

I’d really like to hear Geoff respond to that. But because he’s completely unengaged with his audience, he’ll probably never have to defend any of this. Sadly, soon afterward the comment section descended into finger pointing and crass bullshit.



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2 responses to “Bullshit columns and disengagement

  1. so i was poking around on the net and found your thoughts about a column i wrote a ways back. two things:
    * you say i’m disengaged, but i always answer calls and emails. so if you ever want me to defend or explain something, just ask.
    * i didn’t conflate anything. the cop’s mom did. i called her because the stabbed cop wasn’t allowed to talk and i wanted to hear more about the case. she then made the point i included in the column. was it logical? maybe, maybe not. her point was not that the residency requirement resulted in her daughter getting stabbed; it was that there are folks out there, like her daugher, putting their lives on the line, and wouldn’t it be nice to know that they were working alongside the very best people while they were doing that?
    again, feel free to write whenever. one of the things i really enjoy about my job is the back and forth.

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