Reading in silence

I’m as rusty as the tin man and sometimes when you’re that out of the habit, its good to lob up a softball to get yourself back on track creatively. Well, welcome to slow-pitch.

In my deep deep bloggy silence I have been watching and reading with a wild abandon that I thought I had lost after I discovered how awesome girls are. So in my attempt to get the slow plodding wheels of my mind tractor turning, I thought I share with you some of the things that have caught my imagination lately.

America’s Nastiest CEO?

Slate’s sister business site The Big Money ran this piece on the CEO of Patrick Byrne. Let’s just say that its a complete mind poke to be shown how petty and pathetic people can be in the face of journalistic pressure.

There is no new revenue model for journalism

The Online Journalism review points out the reality that we all should be dealing with instead of floundering around with fruitless discussions about “the new new”

Guantanamo reunion

Prison guard feels bad for his handling of prisoners. He finds released prisoners on Facebook. Hijinks ensue.

Memphis Blues

This slightly old Forbes article about Memphis GRizzlies Michael Heisley and his team’s finances has caused a splash on the sports blogs and in local press. Apparently people are shocked to discover that Heisley (one of the nations wealthiest men) has decided to run his sports business…like a business!! Oh the HUMANITY!

Vidal Loco

In which known hilarious asshole, crazy person and journalist Chris Hitchens tells us how Gore Vidal went nuts. Really, the article tells me more about Hitchens than it does Vidal.

The Bank Job

Bethany McLean is hot. There. I said it. This Vanity Fair article about Goldman Sachs is a must if you give a crap about where all of our money has gone. Also, if anyone just happens to read this at Goldman..I’ll take a job, please.


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