Sorry for my long absence.

I had to.
‘Cause this happened…

So just a quick thought to get me back in the swing.

Fox 13 news has a new ad campaign featuring a pledge to report good news in every newscast.

That is absolutely awful.

Seriously? Reporting the “good news?” That is your edge over other local “On your Sides” and “Eyewitnesses?”

People often complain that there isn’t enough “good news” in the media. Those people are often trying to draw attention away from their own problems. I’m thinking of the clamor for “good news stories” during the darkest days of the Iraq war, or Clinton’s desperation for economic reporting during zipper-gate.

Viewers are often left with a massive amount of fatigue regarding the news. Murders, corruption and crime are mainstays of the media, especially local media. It can most certainly be depressing. To those people, I have a few words.

Get over it.

News isn’t here to make you feel better. It is not here to reaffirm your worldview or to calm your fears of the world outside. It is not here to inspire you or deliver you from evil. Its here to tell you what happened today. Its here to give you perspective on the world you live in. Its here to tell you the truth, not blow smoke up your ass.

Telling you how the world works is a cynical business.
Wear a helmet.


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