Last night, there was another Mayoral debate featuring the top four candidates. AC Wharton, Myron Lowry, Carol Chumney and Charles Carpenter all came together again, excluding all the other random candidates who amused and delighted Memphians last time. After my post about hopes that the media would overlook the fringe candidates and focus on the front-runners, I was genuinely pleased and interested in the debate. Sadly, for the first third of debate we got everyone’s ‘Star Jones’ impression.

We get it, you’re lawyers.

As usual, Twitter was an interesting sidebar to have running during the debates:

watchdogon3I find it funny that when candidates go crazy, some say it’s a circus. When they try to stay on issues, some say its boring. Amazing.

alysdrake@watchdogon3 I was too bored to pick a winner.

Mediaverse Overall, we got more insight into how each candidate acts. Body language spoke volumes tonight.

billsimmers Watching that debate felt like mowing the grass

So in essence, without painted legged space hippies and wrestlers, Memphians just are not that interested. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe if this election is a foregone conclusion (its beginning to look that way), we should let it devolve into a freak fest. Is that the only way to energize this community?


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