Planet Mongo

I’m going to admit to a guilty pleasure. I love Prince Mongo. I love his crazy ass. I just do. I love that there is a insane person (not really) who will continually antagonize locals. Is he embarrassing? Yes. Is he obnoxious and annoying? Yes. Does he smell? Almost certainly.  I however, love the act. Its got everything great performance art should have. It is always a fine show when Mongo dons the goggles. Usually, it is not a problem. Sadly, this time it is.


photo by: Sean Davis

Via Flickr

Much has been made of the raw number of candidates in this unusual mayoral election. In reality, there are essentially five. That is a large number for this kind of election. That makes it a tough call for local news outlets with shrinking space and slashed budgets.

We as consumers of news love Prince Mongo. We can look down our noses at him. We can quietly cheer for him. We can generally project onto him whatever we want. He is a great vehicle.

This is first real change of power in the Memphis mayor’s office in nearly a generation. We should be pulling apart the candidates. If history is any lesson, it is hard to dislodge a mayor in this town. The chance should not be squandered.

I hope the media ignores the Prince this time, let the wrester go, ignore the minutia of bullshit dim bulbs and religious nuts that dance around the edge. Should the amount of exposure be up to the viewer and not the media? Yes. In an ideal world, there is be more and deeper local coverage and the public would get all the info it needs to make a good decision. Memphis is not an ideal world. Memphis’ world contains a struggling daily, a lefty weekly, four local newscasts and (sigh) talk radio. We need our media to refrain from talking about how serious we should take a man who slapped Andy Kaufman on Letterman or a space hippie with painted leg, just this time for our own good.


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