Pit bulls, bullets and rent a cops

Sometimes the sheer ghetto-ness (still not a word) of Memphis can be overwhelming.  Recently, some friends and I went to play golf at Justin Timberlake’s new golf course in north Memphis. We made our way, weaving through the classic slum village of Fraiser. Along the way, I began to keep count of “hood” dogs. It wasn’t long before the count was up to seven. Seven dogs of mainly pit bull and chow variety (two classic hood-breeds) were simply wandering the projects and broken down shot gun houses that dot Fraiser. That can’t be good.

I had forgotten about that little drive until I caught this lead on the Commercial Appeal’s front page.

“A contract security guard with Memphis City Schools on Tuesday fired two shots from his service weapon at two pit bulls on schools property at 3782 Jackson.”

Really? A school rent a cop busted two shots off at a pair of pitt bulls? The report goes on to say that the bullets ricocheted and hit the interim Mayor (lil’ dap please) Myron Lowry’s wife’s car. An off duty police officer stated that the rent a cop did it out of self defense and was justified in discharging his weapon.

Happily, no one was hurt. It does make me wonder, how many dangerous (and possibly diseased) stray dogs are out in our streets? With a city and county straining with every facet of public funding, will services (like dog catchers, public golf courses, etc) get slashed to the point of danger? Will we as citizens want to know why there is no effective animal control when a stray mauls a child? Will someone in the media connect those dots? I hope so.


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