On Dap.

Yesterday, Memphis mayor Myron Lowry taught the Dali Lama the “fist bump.” Yes, the mayor of an American city gave his holiness some dap. The lama was gracious, funny and even turned it into a lesson about transforming aggression into peace. It was an odd moment, but harmless. This morning, as well as last night on the Twitter machine, Memphis residents were going nuts. Geoff Calkins, the lazy sport columnist, turned it into a discussion about Memphis animosity toward each other. Random twitterati (still not a word) posted reactions from embarrassment to amusement to good old-fashioned indignation. Wendi Thomas, the sassy lady columnist, was firey on her personal blog. In sum, the reaction has been-


It isn’t the worst thing either. It does not speak to a deeper or dimmer persona we all fear is looming. It’s simply a slightly embarrassing (hilarious) moment of interaction between two people of different backgrounds.

Can we please get back to trying to not get shot going to school?


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